Andre Beier is a Music Producer and Artist with a focus on creating Music that blurs the lines between various sub-genres of EDM / Electronica. His Sound is fresh and intuitive, and his creative Style is very kaleidoscopic, bridging the gaps between a broad range of creative influences. Andre is the founder of Beier Beats, his imprint as a Beat Maker and Music Producer!

At the age of 36, this Germany resident has a life-long passion for creating music, as he started producing when he was really young, eventually taking up the moniker of Beier Beats. He has a Vision with his Music: Making People happy and ensuring that everyone is having a good time on the Dance floor, and at home listening to his Tracks! Before taking up production, he was actually a Singer, and he used to sing along to some of his very famous R&B tracks! Eventually, he managed to put together his own Recording Studio, acquiring more Gear and teaching himself how to master Music Production, including using several Software programs for Music creations, Plugins, and all the best digital tools to make amazing Electronic Music! His Sound combines instinctive artistry with true technical expertise, bridging the gaps between the best of both worlds.

Andre's music is a perfect Showcase of what he can accomplish with his creativity and proficiency with a DAW. At times punchy and energetic, at times melodic and universally appealing, this particular studio effort does not disappoint in the least. The Production value is also astounding, matching Andre Beier's talent with a crisp and intelligible sound that's really off the charts. This one is going to be right up your alley if you are a Fan of Artists such as Steve Aoki, Imanbek or LUM!X, only to mention a few. With such a keen ear for detail and so much passion on tap, you really cannot go wrong with this one.